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Hello! I’m Amrita Song, owner of Songri-la Bakery. Though I was born in India and flirted with life in St Louis for a few years, I’ve since moved back to the suburbs north of Atlanta where I grew up. It was here, after all, that I developed my love for exploration, community, and hospitality—the very same interests that led me to start Songrila Bakery right out of my own home.


I still remember my first macaron. I was visiting Paris in the winter of 2008, and my friend took me to the original Laduree, where the experience of that classic cookie changed my life. After returning to the US, I was motivated to open my own bakery in St Louis. Mila, Sweets started as one of the first macaron businesses in the city, and eventually branched out into cakes, cookies, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and other desserts. But I never stopped making my signature macarons.


When I eventually left St Louis a near decade later, I closed down my first business and decided to focus on my fledgling family. Between the move to Georgia, my 3 year old daughter, and my 1 year old son, I had my hands rather full. Despite this, I never stopped baking.


It was during the early months of 2020 that I decided to re-open my bakery. Even though we couldn’t travel as the nation shut down, I found that I could bring these treats to life right in my own kitchen. And, as people struggled with the isolation and anxiety of an inexplicable year, I found a treat to be a particularly effective antidote. With that in mind, I started Songri-la Bakery.


At Songri-la, I strive to bring that blend of the exotic, the familiar, and the delectable into harmony. I believe that baked goods should not only look beautiful but should also taste so wonderful that people want to close their eyes and lose themselves in the bliss of the experience—hence the name Songri-la.


I also believe that dessert should be a treat—something that is made with care and enjoyed with presence of mind, not simply as a high-calorie distraction. Every single one of my products are made with the finest ingredients and closest attention to detail. That is why I’m constantly testing, iterating, and improving on every item on my menu. In fact, the menu itself is also evolving all the time.

If you don’t see a flavor or combination listed, just reach out!


Now, let us eat cake!

- Amrita

Songri-la Bakery is a licensed home-based business. I am both SafeServ certified and Learn2Serve food handler-certified, and have taken hours of food safety training to ensure that your food is made safely.

Every photo on this site was a dessert created by hand and photographed by me.

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